The Ministry of Health has sending out regular newsletters on the Natural Health Products bill.

At the link HERE you can access the latest newsletter (sent May 11, 2016), which includes a request for feedback on the classification or dosage changes to substances such as folic acid, iodine or iron.

At the link HERE, you will also be able to access a previous newsletter that asked for feedback on the draft permitted ingredients list for the new Natural Health Products bill and a discussion of how the bill may affect natural health practitioners.

Please note that despite the reassuring tone of communications coming out from the Ministry of Health, many people in the natural health community are very concerned about the Natural Health Products bill.  To learn about their concerns and to access a new petition set up against the Natural Health Products bill, please visit this LINK of our website. 

if you would like to write to MPs on this issue, there is information to help you at this LINK of our website.

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