The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine has been launched into the U.S. and European markets!


Unknown to all but its NZ and Australian readers and a few Americans, The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine has built a 5-year reputation as a highly respected, best-selling source of information about  alternative medicine throughout the Southern Hemisphere.


With over 90% of today’s media sources owned by only six mega-media-corporations, can we honestly believe that we’re getting honest, objective information that’s in our best interests?


It is for this reason that The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is a completely independent enterprise with no affiliation or alliance to any corporation, religion, political party or organization. And as such, we are free to publish even the most controversial articles that reveal the truth to our readers.


While we have declined to pursue formal newsstand distribution within Europe and the US, an arrangement with a company in the USA means that subscriptions and back-issues (in print and digital) can be purchased for North America and Europe on this website:

A one year subscription (4 x 100 page issues) is only $US43.90 (including international shipping) for each publication.

(Readers in NZ and Australia should continue to purchase their copy from their local shop or from the NZ-based website )


Re-Seller programme:

If you (or someone you) know manages a small retail establishment in North America or Europe and would be interested in becoming a Re-Seller for The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine to offer to their customers, please contact us at:

The NZ Journal Of Natural Medicine at the following email address

resellers [at symbol] nznaturalmedicine [dot] com


NB: If you are in NZ or Australia, our online store is at this