A review of mental health services in NZ has been initiated by Auckland psychotherapist Kyle MacDonald, entertainer Mike King and Action Station.

The aim of the inquiry is to find out what problems in the mental health system are causing harm to patients/clients and/or preventing staff from being able to help their clients or patients.

The review is offering anonymity to people who want to speak out about problems within the mental health system.

“People who work in the mental health sector have my word that the People’s Mental Health Review is not about singling out individual staff members for attack or ridicule. This is about driving change at a systemic level through stories,” Kyle MacDonald. “In fact, any individuals named in submissions will be removed as part of the moderation process. We want this process to be safe for all who participate.”

Submissions to the review are being sought from psychiatrists, psychologists, GPs, counselors, occupational therapists…and “all other mental health workers”.

The review has already received more than 150 submissions “most of them from people with lived experience of the public mental health system and their families.”.

To learn more, please visit the website below or check out the Facebook page:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/peoplesmentalhealthreview/


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