Concerned Australians who support parents’ rights to make decisions about their children’s vaccinations without coercion have organised rallies in many Australian cities against the proposed “No Jab, No Pay” policy. 

The “No Jab, No Pay” proposals, would if instituted, mean that families who choose not to vaccinate (or choose for their children to have some vaccines, but not every vaccine specified by the legislation) lose eligibility for child care subsidies and a family tax credit worth up to $15,000 per child, per year.* (Please see the text below the event listings for further details.)

A website has been set up at which details of the different events have been posted.  It is below:


Below is the information from (as of June 13):

We are a group of individuals and parents who believe in freedom of choice and the right of all parents to make their families medical choices free from coercion, manipulation and blackmail! We have a nationwide peaceful protest marches being held across Australia on Sunday 21st June 2015, Please join us and stand up for parental rights and the human rights!



The Brisbane rally will now be held at the following venue:

Queens Park (next to Treasury Bld) cnr George & Elizabeth0 Sts.

Beginning 11am – 1.30pm

Parliament House
12 – 1pm

Parliament House

Town Hall

Launceston City Park

King’s Park
weekly Sunday gatherings to discuss ideas up until the 21st at same time, same place.


*NB: Some of the details of this policy are outlined in the article “The War Against Vaccine Refusers” on page 20 of issue 17 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  

This issue is now on sale in Australia or may be purchased online at this link: or in ebook (PDF version) at this link:

The first 25 pages of this issue may be downloaded for free from either one of these links: or


NB:  If you support freedom of choice regarding vaccination, you may enjoy the articles on vaccines that regularly feature in The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, a quarterly distributed in NZ and Australia and also available in ebook (PDF) format from our online store.