Robert McGowan is teaching Rongoa Maori (traditional Maori herbal medicine) courses over the next few months.

Robert McGowan (also known as Pa Ropata) is one of New Zealand’s foremost experts in this field so the courses he teaches offer a invaluable opportunity to anyone who is interested to learn about the medicinal properties of native plants.  The series of workshops include training in plant identification, sustainable  harvesting as well as the the plants’ medicinal uses.

The course are organised by Titoki Education and a course outline is available in the brochure that may be downloaded from their website.

The series of workshops begins in late August.  Pre-enrollment and payment in advance is necessary to secure a place on the course.

A fourth course that is run at least once a year  is a hands-on workshop on how to prepare different medicinal preparations using native plants, including poultices, balms, infusions and decoctions (among others).  This workshop is taught by Donna Kerridge, who is a registered herbalist and Rongoa Maori practitioner who has been working with Robert for the last three years.


Editor’s note:  Most issues of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine profile a native tree or other plant traditionally used in rongoa Māori.

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