Dr. Guy Hatchard is one of the leaders of the campaign against the Natural Health Products bill.  This bill, as a previous post has explained, is opposed by many people in the natural health community who are concerned that if the bill is passed, New Zealanders’ access to nutritional and herbs in NZ would be adversely affected.

Dr Guy Hatchard recently prepared a video to explain to MPs why they should vote against the Natural Health Products bill when it comes up for its third reading.  The video may be seen at the link below:



For more information about the bill you may like to listen to a recent interview of Dr. Guy Hatchard that you can access via this link.

Dr Hatchard has also written 12 Reasons to Oppose the Natural Health Products Bill.

If you would like to help re-inforce Dr. Hatchard’s message by writing to MP (something that would be very helpful), there is information to help you write an email below – it need only be brief –

Please click here HERE for information to help you write to MPs.


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