Yes, it has happened again!

The producer of the fantastic new documentary Bought which discusses corporate influence on government health policy (including vaccination policy and genetically engineered foods) has made the documentary FREE to view online. (This is a limited-time offer which will last about two weeks (beginning around May 14.)

The documentary begins with an interview with a mother whose now young-adult son was severely injured by routine vaccinations he had as a baby so this is an excellent film to share with people who have never questioned the safety of vaccinations.

You can view it at the link below:

If you are on Facebook, please visit the Bought  Facebook page for Bought Movie and pull one of the sharable images and share it.

Please share the link so that more people get to learn about – and see – this great film which can make an important contribution to public understanding of the health risks from vaccination and GMO foods.  Thank you!


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