The excellent website has just reported that actress, cancer survivor, health advocate and businesswoman Suzanne Somers has tackled the topic of the new so called “smart” electricity meters that produce pulses of microwave radiation in her new book TOX-SICK.

[Ed note: Suzanne Somers is also the author of the book Knockout, a book of interview with doctors who have been curing cancer, including the late Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez of New York.  This book also includes information about cancer prevention.  The link to this book is here]

You can read what Suzanne Somers has to say about smart meters at this link:

More information about the book may be found on Suzanne Somers’ website at the link below

NB: Please note that in NZ, to date, no companies are requiring people who refuse smart meters to pay any sort of “opt out” fee. To keep up to date with the smart meter situation in NZ, please join the email list at 

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There is an international directory  of grass roots organisations about smart meters  at the website of the excellent smart meter documentary Take Back Your Power at this link


If you are interested in smart meters or electromagnetic radiation and health topics, these are often covered in The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  Issue 19 has an interview with electrohypersensitivity expert Professor Olle Johansson for example, while you can read about how to shield a smart in the free sample of  Issue 14. 

If you would like to purchase issue 14 the link is here:

Issue 16 includes an article about the peer reviewed article by Dr. Federica Lamech concerning smart meters and health.  You can access the free preview of this issue here or purchase the issue from this link:

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