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Update: January 26 (4 PM NZ time):

There is a live Q&A about vaccines on right now.  

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Update: January 25 (9 AM NZ time): 

The Robert F. Kennedy Jnr. interview from Episode 3 of “Vaccines Revealed” is going to be back online FREE for a limited time. 

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Unreleased Bonus Episode 10 now FREE online!

This is an entire fresh additional episode in the Vaccines Revealed docu-series.

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You’ve been asking for more information on some specific topics – so we went to work and put together our longest, most complete episode in the series (3 hours) on what you’ve been asking for:

•    The Gardasil Vaccine
•    The status of “non-vaccinators” and herd immunity
•    The “Virus of Fear”
•    The National Vaccine Information Center & “Informed Consent”
•    What a Professor of Medicine discovered about the immune system
•    The unintended experiment caused by vaccines
•    Creating vaccines for diseases that are NOT fatal, but merely inconvenient
•    The importance of Motherly Instinct – and vaccine exemptions
•    Your Legal rights, due process and the human rights issue


Read on for more information…

The Gardasil Vaccine.


Meet Diane Harper – Lead Investigator for the HPV Vaccine Clinical Trials for the Gardasil Vaccine:

Did you know that the manufacturer didn’t even have to PROVE that Gardasil prevents cancer in order to market it that way? – …And learn how it’s putting women at a higher risk for missed cancers!

The “Virus of Fear” 

Sayer Ji talks about the “Virus of Fear” – Do I own my body – or is my body property of the state?

The National Vaccine Information Center

Barbara Loe Fisher will speak on behalf of the National Vaccine Information Center
This organization is founded by parents of children who were either injured or had died from vaccines.

Terry Wahls M.D Professor of Medicine will discuss vaccine ingredients and their effects…
Learn why irritating toxic compounds are used in vaccines.
“Now, how I see disease and health is fundamentally changed. – and I see that creating health is the most powerful medication that I have.”

 Meet Patricia Finn- Civil Rights Attorney
The bulk of her practice is around the Vaccine Injured, and parents who don’t want to vaccinate.
Did you know in some states – you cannot opt out of vaccinations for your children?
“Our kids are getting sick, and we have a right to refuse. This is the United States and we don’t experiment on our children!”



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