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Vaxxed to Screen in Far North Queensland on December 7

We are pleased to announce another local screening of the documentary VaxXed in the Far North Queensland (FNQ) region on the 7th of December. This event is once again being run in collaboration with local Aboriginal families who share our concerns about vaccine adverse events and the documented vaccine safety data fraud at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


The Cairns Post and the Courier Mail 10/11/17 recently published articles about the November 1st Kuranda screening of VaxXed, criticising the event for intending to harm Aboriginal communities’ health. However, they failed to mention that it was a screening hosted by a local Aboriginal community. In the welcome speech, resident Sandra Levers simply called for her community to know their rights and the importance of being informed and sharing knowledge. “People don’t realise that this is about freedom of informed choice.”


Neither Mr Dick nor Dr Gannon’s comments were appreciated by the Aboriginal people about whom he spoke. “We have the poorest health rates in all of Australia and you’re telling us that we enjoy these healthcare outcomes?” stated an Aboriginal spokesperson and organiser of the local screenings in her response to the largely erroneous articles. “This is really gammon and is undermining our intelligence to analyse the contents and ingredients of these vaccinations, and the harmful effects that aren’t being told to our people.”


An Aboriginal father from Kuranda, Radayne Tanna has firsthand experience with vaccine injury after his son was given a round of ‘catch up’ vaccines and has since been suffering from epilepsy and seizures. He explained, “There were lots of parents in the hospital experiencing the same thing. The number of parents in the hospital at the same time indicates to me that it’s more than likely being caused by the vaccinations. I believe that there is a direct correlation.”


Radayne has since asked numerous doctors “Can you answer me what concentrated levels of aluminium and mercury are doing to my son? How is pig DNA and monkey DNA helping him? What is formaldehyde doing to him? Show me the long term research.” He got no answers. He also has pleaded with them, “My son was never like this before; this happened to him after they gave him a double dose at 18 months.”

Radayne will be attending the Koah screening to speak about his experiences. “As parents we are supposed to be protecting our children, and if this is doing them harm, I am going to protect them from that.” He stated that if he had known the risks, he would have chosen individual vaccines for his son.


The organisers are not anti-vaccine, and neither is the film – it highlights the hidden data and scientific evidence relating to the higher risk of vaccine injury to young boys with dark skin. In the documentary, we see Dr Brian Hooker’s own analysis of the raw data pertaining to African-American children. He found that those boys who were vaccinated before age 3 were 3.4 times more likely to have autism than those who weren’t.


The increased risk of vaccine adverse events for Aboriginal people has actually been acknowledged since the 1970s. It is worth noting the experience of an Australian Medal of Merit winner and Greek Australian of the century Dr Archie Kalokerinos (A.M.M., M.B.B.S., Ph.D., F.A.P.M.): “In 1976 I was working in the Gulf Country around Cape York, in an Aboriginal community of about 300 people. The Health Department sent around a team and vaccinated about 100 of them against flu. Six were dead within 24 hours or so and they weren’t all old people, one man being in his early twenties. They threw the bodies in trucks to take to the coast where autopsies were done. It appeared they died from heart attacks.”


Amongst the huge body of documented work by Dr Kalokerinos is the book “Every Second Child” about the vaccine program in NSW in 1975 that resulted in the deaths of one in every two Aboriginal children post-vaccination. He espoused “Only after realising that routine immunisations were dangerous did I achieve a substantial drop in infant death rates.”


It isn’t just informed doctors and scientists who are uncomfortable with the push for vaccine mandates in FNQ. Also defending local parents’ rights to choose is a previous employee of four different drug companies, who described his experience to us as such “I can tell you what is going on… The drug companies make so much money out of what they do, that all of the people who were falsifying things [in the VaxXed movie] would be getting money, somehow.” He went on to explain how he was involved in planning some of the data that was used to promote products to doctors, and of this he said “there was so much money floating around for fraud that I had to get out of it.”


There are indeed a number of concerned members within the community, including prominent Aboriginal women whose grandchildren have been vaccine injured. The organisers of the event have encouraged all members of the community including politicians, health workers, concerned parents and skeptics to join them at Koah on the 7th of December for the screening, followed by a Q and A with Dr Judy Wilyman PhD via Skype.


Feel free to contact me for further information. Alternatively, you may wish to register for the free event here:


Scientific articles that support the claims of racial susceptibility to adverse vaccine reactions, for your perusal:


Adversomics: The Emerging Field of Vaccine Adverse Event Immunogenetics


Associations between race, sex and immune response variations to rubella vaccination in two independent cohorts


Effect of gender, race, and parental education on immunogenicity and reported reactogenicity of acellular and whole-cell pertussis vaccines.



Kind regards,

Tasha David


Australian Vaccination-skeptics Network Inc. (AVN)



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