June 15 was the official launch data for issue 13 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine as well as the new online Natural Medicine Resource and Events Directory http://natural-medicine.directory/.

Held in Auckland’s Mount Eden War Memorial Hall, this event was compered by the publisher of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine Jonathan Eisen and featured four guest speakers.

First to speak was Dr. Wayne McCarthy who shared his experiences as a naturopathic physician specialising in ozone therapy.  Dr. McCarthy practises at Global Health Clinics in Takapuna, Auckland and at the Northland Environmental Health Centre in Whangarei.  He described the large range of conditions in which ozone can be applied in medicine, particularly infections and as a treatment for conditions in which there is poor circulation. One condition in which ozone can be used to good effect is diabetic gangrene.  Ozone can provide oxygen to revitalise oxygen-starved tissues which are succumbing to infection and once this medical crisis (which could lead to amputation, if not successfully treated)  has been resolved, EDTA chelation therapy can be used to reduce plaque deposits in the blood vessels and improve circulation.

You can see Dr. McCarthy speak here:



The second speaker, John Oxlade introduced the new Natural Medicine Resource and Events Directory.  John and Pip Oxlade have been running the NZ Holistic Health for many years.  Their new Natural Medicine Resource and Events Directory http://natural-medicine.directory/ provides a convenient way for practitioners and businesses to advertise goods and services and for people who want to find a practitioner or learn about local events or training opportunities in their local area to access this information.

You can see John Oxlade speak here:



Our third speaker for the afternoon, Dr. Sam Shay, DC, PGDip(Acu), who practises at Hamilton’sNatural BodyLink clinic poignantly described how medical misadventure prematurely ended his grandfather’s life.  He then explained the fundamentals of good health – and how disease and dysfunction can be addressed through identifying the causes and using appropriate treatments, including lifestyle modifications.  Dr. Shay’s website is www.TenPointWellness.com

You can see Dr. Shay speak here:

The final speaker for the day, Patrick van der Burght is the Director of Geovital Australia and New Zealand http://aus.geovital.com/.  Geovital is a business that offers assessments of homes and businesses for electromagnetic radiation and electromagnetic fields and remediation advice in the case of buildings that have unhealthy levels of EMR or EMF.  Patrick van der Burght gave an overview of the sorts of issues that can be found in homes and the options for improving the home environment.

You can see Patrick van der Burght speak here:



Thank you to  Vinny Eastwood for filming the event and editing the footage.  You can learn more about Vinny’s work by visiting his website www.thevinnyeastwoodshow.com.   (Please consider supporting his work with a regular donation if you appreciate the work he puts into creating an alternative to an often censored and stodgy mainstream media.)

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