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With alarm over Ebola increasing in the United States and health authorities in New Zealand preparing for the possibility that cases of this infection could occur here, too, the cover story for issue 15 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine explores possible treatment options for this feared disease.

Dr Thomas Levy, MD, JD features in this issue with an article on his clinical experience with vitamin C – including remarkable cases demonstrating the efficacy of this vitamin in treating people suffering from severe infections.

Of course, many other natural substances are helpful in treating and/or preventing infections, and this issue features an article Thieves Oil – an anti-microbial blend of essential oils.

A healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines is a vital to maintaining immunity and general well-being and “Better Health on a Shoestring” for issue 15 includes a do-it-yourself recipe for sauerkraut from a great new book on fermented foods to help you enjoy this delicious condiment – and better health.

We also examine the role of polyphenols from common foods and beverages such as tea, coffee and berries in relation to maintaining good health, and how Gingko biloba offers a natural option for children with ADHD to help them concentrate and learn.

If you are interested in the latest news on anti-ageing, you will enjoy Dr Mark Sircus’s contribution which focuses on natural allopathic anti-aging medicine.

Issue 15 also discusses an important issue that has been largely ignored by mainstream media – how vital data on the MMR-Autism link was censored by US government scientists, thus preventing health professionals and parents from learning about how this vaccine may put some children at risk of developing autism.  Dr Kelly Brogan’s article on the significance of this latest vaccine scandal makes for particularly compelling reading.

Also on the vaccine front, Jon Rappoport has written an article which explores the development of contraceptive vaccines – and how vaccines that create antibodies to the pregnancy hormone hCG may have been used without women’s informed consent as part of a population control experiment.

Our book reviews in this issue include a review of Overpowered by Anne Gastinger (which explains how electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from modern technology can affect human health); while electropollution consultant Paul Waddell reviews Get Less Electro Stress which offers an intelligent and user-friendly guide to reducing EMR in your home.

Last but not least, with Christmas coming up our featured native medicinal plant is the much-loved emblem of the New Zealand summer, the magnificent Pohutukawa tree.

All good wishes for a safe and happy Christmas and healthy and prosperous 2015.


Katherine Smith, Editor


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