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Coming up in issue 16 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine…we present the evidence that high-carbohydrate diets promoted by the “food pyramid” and its many supporters may be at least partially responsible for the epidemic of obesity – and how naturally high-fat foods such as avocados may actually assist with maintaining a healthy weight.

Many people who want to stay slim or lose weight reach for artificial sweeteners believing them to be a safe alternative to sugar. This issue features a story by a doctor who did just this – but found that the artificial sweetener he chose caused chronic joint pain.  He shares his story in the hope that it will assist others who are suffering from similar symptoms.

This issue also welcomes back nurse and naturopath Tina Gale who relates how yoga has become part of her healthy lifestyle and shares some of her favourite “de-stressing” exercises.

As autumn approaches, promotion of influenza vaccination as the best way to prevent flu will increase.  In her article “Is the flu vaccine the best way to avoid the flu?”, editor Katherine Smith discusses some of the lesser known adverse effects that can follow the flu vaccine (which according to many experts doesn’t work anyway) and also details a number of other strategies that may be used to help prevent winter infections.

Also in this issue, Sayer Ji, PhD, takes at look at radiation therapy and asks whether this widely used treatment is worth the risks, while Dr. med Jörg Prinz discusses immunotherapy for cancer.

This issue’s review section features the compelling personal story of Beth Sturdivant who developed electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome while living in close proximity to high voltage power lines. Despite a plethora of severe and disabling symptoms, Beth did not give up and she has now largely recovered from this environmental illness and has written the book Backyard Secrets Exposed to share her experience with others.

Breast health is a concern for many women (and the men who love them) and this issue features a review of a new New Zealand book on this subject:  The Half Naked TruthAn Introduction to Breast Health Imaging. Co-authored by a retired doctor, thermographic technician and lymphatic enhancement therapy practitioner, this concise, user-friendly book provides vital information that could help many women avoid developing breast cancer, and proceeds from its sale are being donated to the Breast Health Foundation.

If you, or someone you know, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease, the review of Ann Andrews’ book Positively Parkinson’s may be of interest, while if you have a child who has glue ear or a friend or relative who is prone to wax build-up in the ear canal, the review of Jili Hamilton’s new  book Candling for Optimal Health:  Common and Lesser Known Benefits may provide information that can help solve these common problems.

All told, Issue 16 is one of our very best yet, with 100 pages of vitally important, potentially life saving information on every page.

This issue will be on sale in New Zealand from February 2 and will reach Australian stores and subscribers in March. (New Zealand subscribers should receive their copies shortly.)


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