The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue #20


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Introducing The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine #20


Issue 20 will be on sale in New Zealand from the week beginning February and will be in Australian stores about a month later.

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Our cover story for this issue is PMS – that monthly time that many women (and the men in their lives) have learned to dread.  How refreshing then, that new research shows that a common kitchen spice has the potential to safely relieve unpleasant PMS symptoms.

Continuing with a women’s health focus, this issue features an article on natural remedies for uterine fibroids and a discussion of the risks of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and mammography.

If you have any sort of painful condition, you may be particularly interested to read the article by Dr Jorg Pinz on the SCENAR; a hand held treatment device from Russia that can offer a drug-free alternative for a variety of conditions.

Connecting physical health to mental wellness, this issue has articles that explore how nutrition and sleep (or lack of these basic health necessities) can impact on mood, as well as the link between inflammation and depression.

And anyone who is worried that their brain function is not what is was can take heart from a new study that shows that meditating can rebuild grey matter in as little as eight weeks.

This issue also includes an article about how children’s brain development may be influenced by caesarean or vaginal birth (and why), while Dr. Kelly Brogan discusses the implications of new advances in the understanding of the microbiome and human immune system for modern medical practice, including the routine use of vaccines and antibiotics.

The vaccine section includes a discussion of “herd immunity” as it relates to vaccines, as well as a primer on some of the ingredients used in vaccines.

Herbalist Amy McComb’s contribution to this issue is an article on edible and medicinal New Zealand seaweeds and their pivotal role in maintaining good health.

All this and much more.

Wishing you the best of health for 2016 and beyond,


Katherine Smith, Editor

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NB: Issue 20 will go on sale in NZ during the week beginning February 1, and NZ subscribers’ copies will be posted on February 2. . (Most NZ subscribers should receive their copies by February 20;  postage times vary between different parts of the country.)

Copies should be in Australian stores by the end of February or early March. Australian  subscribers should receive their copies by March 20. (Most Australian subscribers will receive their copies earlier than this;  postage times vary between different parts of the country.)


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