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This is a free sample containing a selection of pages of issue 40

We hope that you will download the free sample of articles from this issue and also encourage family and friends to do likewise. 

In making this information available at no charge it is our hope that members of the public and dedicated health professionals alike can become better educated about the diversity of natural therapies options that are available.

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Issue 40 went on sale in NZ and Australia in March-April 2021 so it should be in your local shop but it is also available on our website from our online shop..


Introducing Issue 40 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine brings you accessible information that you can use straight away as you start taking responsibility for your own health, and the health of your family.

In this issue our cover story is an article about herbs for energy!

We also feature an interview with Dr. Burt Berksen who has championed the use of alpha lipoic acid (ALA) as a versatile nutrient that is especially useful for liver problems and diabetic complications.

We are also very excited to be able to publish an excerpt from Dr. Thomas Levy’s book Hidden Epidemic that outlines his general treatment protocol for chronic degenerative disease.

In issue 40, Amy McComb’s regular column on NZ native medicinal plants (Rongoa) is all about the beautiful tree Titoki (Alectryon excelsus).

Is Bell’s Palsy a problem for you or someone you know? If so this issue’s article in the “Difficult Acupuncture Case Studies” will be of interest.

Book reviews in this issue include a review of The Treatment by Sally Roberts and Know Your Blood, Know Your Health by  Kristen Grayce McGary – a very useful book that teaches you how to drill down into a panel of standard laboratory tests to be able to identify early warning signals and keep your health on track.

All this and much more in Issue 40 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

Wishing you the best of health,

Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen, Editors



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