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  • Parents of young children may be shocked to learn that the more vaccines a baby receives at a single visit, the more likely their baby is to need to hospitalised. This issue of the journal includes an 11 page Special Section on Vaccines, with news and information you are unlikely to find in mainstream media. In this we publish an interesting article by Catherine J Frompovich about how homeopathic prophylaxis offers an alternative form of “immunisation”.
  • Anne Gastinger takes a good, hard look at how electro-pollution resulting from the proliferation of modern wireless technologies such as cellular phones, Wi-Fi, etc, can affect health – and how electro-hypersensitvity is emerging as a new environmental illness – and what needs to be done to help people who develop this condition.
  • If you or someone you know suffers from mood swings, Eric Bakker ND has written the article “Understanding Mood Disorders” which gives an overview of the sort of issues that can cause depression  and anxiety – and outlines effective natural treatment strategies.
  • This issue also features a review of the book Cancer Can Be Cured by Father Romano Zago, a Franciscan priest who learned from a colleague about how people with cancer in a Brazilian shanty town were successfully treating themselves using a simple home remedy based on the plant Aloe arborescens.  After witnessing this home remedy work a miracle for a man dying from prostate cancer, Father Romano Zago has recommended this recipe to many people with cancer and other conditions – and shares the results of this treatment  in his book.
  •  Editor Katherine Smith reviews Dr Nicolas Gonzalez’s book The Trophoblast and the Origins of Cancer: One answer to the enigma of our time.  This  book explores how the work of embryologist Dr Beard, who was the first person to advocate using pancreatic enzymes in the treatment of cancer, has been validated by more recent research and clinical practice.
  •  Dr Joseph Rozencwajg shares a non-toxic topical treatment for non-melanoma skin cancers – the main ingredient of which can be bought at any supermarket!
  •  If you are keen to avoid getting cancer – and want to help your friends and family do the same –  the article by aspartame toxicity expert Betty Martini about the research into aspartame and cancer,  as well as recommendations for detox programmes for people who have been consuming this artificial sweetener – may be just what you need.
  •  Still think that sugar is OK? Lady Carla Davis’s article “The Scourge of Sugar” will set your teeth on edge with information that could save your health.
  • If you or your child has eczema, homoeopath Lee-Anne McCall’s article about how homoeopathy offers a gentle way of treating this illness – while also improving general health will be no doubt be of interest.
  • In our reader’s story for this issue, Ilaisaane Ilaiu-Tu’akalau tells how her parents used their knowledge of traditional Tongan medicine to keep their family healthy – despite immigrating from tropical Tonga to Auckland with its cold, wet winters – and how she now uses the same medicinal plants.


Also in this issue, how iodine may be used to treat infections, the link between soft drinks and violence, flax seeds (Linum usitatissimum) for radiation protection and much, much more.
The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is all information that you and your family can use today, and every day.
– Katherine Smith, Editor


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