The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue #45


The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is designed to empower people with knowledge about how to maintain good health – or record from illness.  This issue includes articles on many different topics including nutrition, Western herbal medicine, Ayurvedic herbal medicines, acupuncture and homoeopathy.

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Introducing Issue 45 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

This issue of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine starts with “What We Have Learned from the Pandemic”, and goes on to discuss “proven remedies for modern crises” in great detail.

It takes readers on a guided tour through the many ways that we can take responsibility for our own health, while relying less on approaches that both history and contemporary evidence show do NOT work.

The strong implication behind this is that we have all put our trust in a system that is demonstrably untrustworthy, much to our detriment.

Thanks to what is now being termed “mass formation psychosis” millions of people have surrendered their ability to think things through clearly with healthy scepticism and are following a path that is now undermining their health, both physical and psychological.

Many still do not realise that Logic itself has been undermined as misleading information about what is important for maintaining or regaining one’s health has become the norm and dissenting voices systematically muted.

Nevertheless, traditional workable solutions are still there to be accessed, and millions of people are learning about them and applying the ancient wisdom. and this issue discusses many of them.

From various ways to reverse vaccine damage to new discoveries about how to get a better more refreshing sleep; from the wisdom of Ayurvedic (Indian) herbal medicine to ways to reduce prostate enlargement, this issue is arguably one of our very best ever.

Dr Thomas Levy MD contributes one of the more fascinating articles we have ever read that asks the question whether we humans can indeed make our own vitamin C in our liver.

Editor Katherine Smith discusses the utility of edible plants that we in our ignorance think of as mere “weeds”.

As turmeric continues to gain popularity, we list some of the lessor know benefits – and potential side effects – of this remarkable root.

In recent years, as the negative effects of antibiotics has become increasingly apparent, probiotics have become a focus of those who want to replenish their immune system. This issue discusses why probiotics are so good for you.

These and many other articles make for some great reading,

Have a look yourself. You’ll be amazed as we were in compiling this edition for you.

Wishing you the best of health!

– Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen, Editors



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