The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue #47


The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is designed to empower people with knowledge about how to maintain good health – or recover from illness.  This issue includes articles on many different topics including nutrition, Western herbal medicine and homoeopathy, including homoeopathic remedies that can complement standard first aid measures.


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Introducing Issue 47 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine


American physician Dr.  Peter McCullough features on the cover of issue 47 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  One of the medical heroes of our times, Dr. McCullough has paid a professional price for speaking out for the sake of people’s health – and the information that he has to share is well worth reading.

Nutritious food and medicinal herbs have been the primary forms of healthcare for most of human history.  Issue 47 explores the use of some key nutrients that can support the body to overcome infection.  We feature an article about vitamin C (and cortisol) by Dr. Thomas Levy (MD, JD) as well as an article by Mark Sircus about the role of magnesium during acute infections.

In our herbal medicine section we look at the diverse actions of peppermint and traditional herbalist Amy McComb has written an article on the healing properties of the beautiful (and divinely scented) flower, the rose.

In NZ, the central government wants to impose artificial fluoridation chemicals into all water supplies that serve 500 people or more.  This issue includes an article on why this is such a terrible idea.*

In the homoeopathy section for issue 47 we present “Brawls, Falls and Homoeopathy’ – a practical guide to using homoeopathic remedies to treat injuries.

With many more interesting articles inside, all in all this is another fascinating issue that we hope you will find valuable.

Wishing you the best of health,


Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen, Editors


  • NB:  Since this issue went to press, there has been growing pushback against the NZ government’s plan to compulsorily medicate most of the population via public water supplies.  For details of local campaigns in NZ on the fluoride issue please see this link:


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