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Issue 9 of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine features a great line up of articles including a cover story on a non-toxic breakthrough in the treatment of AIDS that offers hope to people with this condition.

If you are concerned about a family member or friend who suffers from “schizophrenia” or other “mental health” symptoms such as depression, or even paranoia or hallucinations, the article “Psychiatry and the Adrenochrome Hypothesis” describes how a combination of stress and nutritional deficiencies can cause adrenalin to become oxidised and how this oxidised adrenalin (known as adrenochrome) can play havoc with brain function.   The good news:  Nutritional supplementation offers a low risk treatment opition for many people who suffer from these distressing conditions.

Nurse and author Kimberley Patterson interviews Professor Reinhold Berz on how breast thermography offers women a safe, radiation-free way in which to monitor breast health.

Naturopath Tina Gale’s article “Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired?” outlines the symptoms and causes of low thyroid function – and how this can be treated to improve energy and general health.

We welcome naturopath Chris Hodges whose article on vitamin D outlines the many health benefits of obtaining this essential vitamin from sunlight (or, if necessary) supplements.  Chris Hodges has also reviewed the DVD Professional Perspectives on Fluoridation (which may be viewed free on for this issue of the journal.

Is your electricity company offering to replace your electricity meter with a “smart” or “advanced” meter?  If so, don’t accept this offer before you have read the article “Smart Meter Health Concerns:  An Emerging Public Health Nightmare” by Don Masich, PhD.  (If you already have a “smart meter” and want to have it removed, please visit )

In the cover story “How I Gave My Son Autism”, a mother recounts how a series of routine medical interventions had a disastrous effect on her son’s health and contributed to his developing autism.  She shares their story in the hope that other parents will do their own research and carefully consider the risks of all medical treatments rather than blindly follow the recommendations of health professionals.

Also relating to the the subject of children’s health, homoeopath Lee-Anne McCall reports on how homeoprophylaxis (the use of homeopathic remedies to prevent, rather than treat disease) was used to prevent leptospirosis in Cuba after infrastructure problems (following a destructive  storm) meant that the usual vaccine was not available.

We also report how vaccination during pregnancy may trigger an inflammatory reaction in the mother which may damage the developing baby’s brain; how to manage a fever (and why suppressing a fever with medications is usually undesirable) and Lady Carla Davis continues about “The Scourge of Sugar” with an emphasis on how sugar affects mood and behaviour. Michelle Thunders has contributed an article on how both iron deficiency as well as iron overload can cause health problems, while Angela Frieswyk has written a thoughtful piece on calcium supplementation and Tina Krombach explores the therapeutic potential of clay. Plus much more.


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