Protect your health with an inexpensive, safe, hardwired internet connection

Many people who have become aware of the risks of microwave radiation* from wi-fi routers are now considering going back to a safe, hardwired internet connnection… Below you can learn how to connect to the internet safely – and inexpensively. “Hard-wiring” an internet connection need not require expensive cabling within a home.  It can be done using an existing copper phone line connection with a... Read More | Share it now!

Issue 18 coming soon!

Introducing The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine #18   Special note to subscribers: Issue 18 will go on sale in NZ during the week beginning August 3, and NZ subscribers should receive their copies by August 20. (Most NZ subscribers will receive their copies earlier than this;  postage times vary between different parts of the country.) Copies should be in Australian stores by the end of August and... Read More | Share it now!