Please take two minutes to protect NZ’s GE free environment

Editor’s note:  If you value the health and economic advantages to NZ from having a GE free environment, please act today to send a message to the government. Greenpeace have produced a template letter you can use to make a submission in about two minutes. After you send your message an invitation will come up on your computer screen to make it easy to share the link with family and friends through Facebook... Read More | Share it now!

Help Northland remain GE Free!

Please help keep NZ’s locally grown food supply GE-Free by supporting GE Free NZ and the Whangarei and Far North District Council’s plans to keep genetically engineered crops out of their area.  Thank you.  Support Precaution on GMO’s – Protect our existing valuable GE-Free status in Northland and Auckland region Easy Submission Guide – August  September 2014 Please support... Read More | Share it now!