Free online EMF Health Summit 18 – 24 September

Website editor’s note:  What follows is an email from Josh del Sol Beaulieu who is the director of the award winning documentary Take Back Your Power on wireless so call “smart”  (or “advanced”) electricity meters.  The documentary is now free to view on at the website Free online EMF Health Summit Dear Katherine, As of today, free registration for the... Read More | Share it now!

See the cell phone documentary Mobilize for FREE

A word to the wise; the featured image illustrates what NOT to do with a cell phone.  Don’t let a child use a cell phone as a toy or talk on a cell phone;  their skulls are thinner and smaller than an adult and they will absorb more radiation into their developing brain.  If you have not already seen the documentary Mobilize, there is now an opportunity to see it for FREE. Free viewing is available at the... Read More | Share it now!

Cell phone radiation increases cancer in animals

Microwave News has recently covered a new study by the National Toxicology Program that shows that exposure to cell phone radiation increases cancers in the unfortunate animals exposed to it. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise given that a number of studies show that people who use cell phones are at increased risk of developing some types of cancer. (NB: See below for some examples as well as important... Read More | Share it now!