A word to the wise; the featured image illustrates what NOT to do with a cell phone.  Don’t let a child use a cell phone as a toy or talk on a cell phone;  their skulls are thinner and smaller than an adult and they will absorb more radiation into their developing brain. 

If you have not already seen the documentary Mobilize, there is now an opportunity to see it for FREE.

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If your internet connection is not good enough for video, there are links to written information on cell phones and cancer and also tips for safer cell phone use below.


Cell phones and cancer in humans

A 2014 study (published in the journal Pathophysiology) showed that the brain tumour risk was highest after 25 years of mobile phone use and after 15-20 years of cordless phone use.

See:  https://lennarthardellenglish.wordpress.com/2014/12/01/new-study-confirms-increased-risk-for-glioma-associated-with-use-of-mobile-phones-and-cordless-phones/

 This is but one of many other studies showing a link between cell phone use and brain (and other) tumours.

 Links to more studies are below:





It is now indisputable that radiofrequency (RF) radiation in the microwave range such is produced by cordless and mobile phones, cordless phone bases and cell phone towers has been classified by the WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer as a “possible carcinogen” (type 2B).


Cellular phone use safety tips:

I realise that many people do have jobs that require them to use a cellular phone.

While there is probably no way to make cellular phone use completely safe there is information to help you reduce the risks of unavoidable cellular phone risk at this link: https://naturalmedicine.net.nz/childrens-health-and-development/how-to-reduce-your-exposure-to-emr/

Please note that ideally, cellular phone use should be minimised, because the more cellular phones are used, the more cellular phone infrastructure is need to support the phones’ use – and living close to cellular phone base stations has been associated with increased risk of cancer in several studies, for example, the one that you can read HERE.


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