See Professor Julia Rucklidge’s TEDx presentation on nutrients and mental health

Healthy brain function depends largely on having the right nutrients available – and if food sources of nutrients are not adequate, nutritional supplements can play a vital role in ensuring that people stay mentally, as well as physically healthy.  Please watch the TEDx presentation by Professor of Psychology Julia Rucklidge at the link below for an introduction to this important topic. Please note that... Read More | Share it now!

Introducing Dr. Kelly Brogan and her book A Mind of Your Own

The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine is very proud to have Dr. Kelly Brogan as a regular contributor. (For example, issue 20 features her article “Immunity; the Emerging Truth” and you can access a free sample of articles from this issue at this link or purchase a PDF here or printed copy here..) Dr. Brogan is an MD who focuses on nutritional medicine and women’s health.  Accordingly, she has... Read More | Share it now!

Q Sciences presentation on nutrition and depression, anxiety and concentration

Erika Harvey, who is an Independent Business Owner for Q Sciences products is going to give a presentation about a Q Sciences product called Q96 (formerly known as EmpowerPlus) in Auckland on Saturday May 23. Erika’s daughter Piper, who has an autism spectrum disorder has benefited from Q96 and Erika’s talk will explain how Q96 works to support and enhance memory, concentration, stress, depression,... Read More | Share it now!