depression and how to heal with a Mind of Your OwnThe New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine is very proud to have Dr. Kelly Brogan as a regular contributor. (For example, issue 20 features her article “Immunity; the Emerging Truth” and you can access a free sample of articles from this issue at this link or purchase a PDF here or printed copy here..)

Dr. Brogan is an MD who focuses on nutritional medicine and women’s health.  Accordingly, she has now written a book A Mind of Your Own:  The Truth About Depression and How Women Can Heal Their Bodies and Reclaim Their Lives.

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We are very proud to help publicise Dr. Brogan’s new book through her affiliate programme as we know this is a book that has the potential to help millions of women (and their families.)

Over the coming weeks we will be featuring articles by Dr. Brogan on our website as well as on our new Facebook page, which you can visit at this link:

As an affiliate we will be able to extend to our readers some special offers from Dr Kelly Bogan, MD.

Please click below to learn more about Dr. Brogan’s new book.

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UPDATE:  Dr Kelly Brogan has now launched an online programme called “Vital Mind Reset”;  please click HERE to learn more about this programme.

NB: The publisher of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine will receive some remuneration for taking part in the affiliate programme.

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