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Do you rely on our local and national newspapers and media for accurate and honest reporting on the issues that affect all Americans? If so, you might want to consider that our newspapers are not reporting on some issues, issues of grave concern to many Americans (and people in many other countries – Ed)


Have you read about the CDC whistleblower? A senior scientist from CDC who issued a statement that he and his co-authors (other senior figures at CDC) deliberately omitted data to conceal the link they found between MMR and autism?[i]


Have you read that two former Merck scientists have blown the whistle and are suing vaccine-giant Merck in federal court for fraudulently altering data to show that the mumps portion of their MMR vaccine worked in 95% of recipients in order to retain their license from FDA when they knew it did not?[ii]


Have you read that the National Vaccination Compensation Program has compensated 83 cases of acknowledged vaccine-induced brain damage that include autism but federal health officials still claim vaccines don’t cause autism?[iii]


If you haven’t read about these cases in our newspapers or seen coverage of these stories in other media, perhaps that is because the pharmaceutical industry is the largest advertiser today spending billions every year and these media outlets don’t want to bite the hand that feeds them. Or perhaps those running these media outlets are afraid of the truth.


Either way, we want to share with you the opinion piece we submitted to the Idaho Statesman. This piece is largely the same as an opinion piece we sent to the Idaho Mountain Express in response to inaccurate and misleading opinion pieces run by both newspapers. Unfortunately, neither of our opinion pieces was published.


We were very disappointed at this seeming censorship in particular because our opinion pieces were supported by over 30 citations from published, peer reviewed scientific literature.  The Idaho Statesmen stated that they were afraid the opinion piece might frighten parents. We would say that parents are already frightened because they do not feel they are being told the truth by federal health agencies or the media and it seems our experience would suggest that is true.



Following is our fully referenced opinion piece.


The Idaho Statesman’s opinion piece on vaccines stopped short of advocating mandatory vaccines but stated that parents should not “expect to take advantage of a public education if you are unwilling to participate in sound public health precautions”. Given that most parents do not have the resources to home-school, this amounts to forced vaccination.


The assumption that sound public health advice is absolute is quite worrying. After all, one-size-fits-all is never appropriate with any pharmaceutical product – but it is the case with vaccines. Nor is science infallible. Indeed for decades federal health officials have advised reducing dietary saturated fat and emphasizing carbohydrates but recent science has proven how dangerous that advice was.[iv] What is sound advice today may not be so sound tomorrow.  Add to this that properly prescribed FDA approved drugs kill over 100,000 Americans every year and that drug companies have paid $30 billion in fines for repeated fraud and it’s no wonder why some folks question “sound public health advice” and want to decide what is best for their own families.[v],[vi]


Though it is commonly believed that vaccines are safe for all but a very few, abundant science proves this false. In producing and screening our award-winning documentary on vaccines, “The Greater Good”, we met dozens of scientists who had published studies concerning adverse vaccine reactions, interviewed dozens of doctors who expressed reservations about vaccine safety, and met thousands of families whose children were injured or died after vaccination.


All too often scientists and doctors who acknowledge vaccine risks are demonized and marginalized with the threat of losing their medical licenses.[vii] And highly caring, educated parents who research vaccine safety for themselves, often after having a child suffer vaccine injury, are dismissed as ill-informed, anti-vaccine, crazies, but nothing could be further from the truth.


Opinion polls show that vaccine safety is of concern to most American parents and that those who question vaccine safety are mostly highly educated, affluent folks.[viii],[ix],[x]


It is often stated that vaccines are irrefutably safe. Why then, one must ask, does US law recognize vaccines can injure and kill?[xi] Why has the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP) paid out over $3 billion to victims?[xii] Why do many receive gag orders? Why does VICP list death, anaphylaxis, brain damage and related seizures and mental impairment as compensable vaccine injuries?[xiii] Why has the Supreme Court determined that vaccines are “unavoidably unsafe”?[xiv] Why are vaccine makers shielded from liability for vaccines?[xv],[xvi] Why does government maintain the Vaccine Averse Events Reporting System to track vaccine injuries?[xvii] Why do Glaxo-SmithKline’s internal documents show children develop autism after its vaccine Infanrix?[xviii]


The question we all should be asking is why have 150 cases of measles in a nation of 315 million people garnered virtual nonstop media attention for weeks and prompted the introduction of legislation nationwide to restrict vaccine exemptions?


Could the frenzy be a diversion away from looming Congressional hearings investigating claims of CDC whistleblower Dr. William Thompson, a senior scientist, that he and CDC officials omitted data from a study over a decade ago to conceal the link between the MMR vaccine and autism?[xix] Or perhaps lawsuits against vaccine giant Merck alleging Merck management and scientists fraudulently concealed that Merck’s MMR vaccine is not as effective as claimed?[xx] Or perhaps the abject failure of this year’s flu vaccine, merely 23% effective?[xxi]


Media coverage of measles cases and vaccine exemptions suggests an emergency over measles but the true emergency is the failing health of our nation’s children with 54% suffering from an autoimmune disease or neuro-developmental disability that science links to vaccines.[xxii],[xxiii] Although US children are the most heavily vaccinated in the world, 33 developed nations have lower infant mortality rates. Contrast this with zero deaths from measles in 10 years but 108 deaths reported after MMR vaccine.[xxiv]


The media routinely blames unvaccinated individuals for recent disease outbreaks, but most of those who contracted mumps, pertussis, or measles in the majority of recent outbreaks were vaccinated and nations with vaccination rates of 97-99% suffer outbreaks.[xxv],[xxvi] The true culprit is vaccine failure, as vaccine-induced immunity is not permanent.[xxvii],[xxviii],[xxix],[xxx] In addition, science shows vaccinated individuals can and do carry and spread disease and hospitals warn immuno-compromised patients to avoid those recently vaccinated.[xxxi],[xxxii],[xxxiii],[xxxiv],[xxxv],[xxxvi] (Please note that since writing this letter, both St. Judes and Johns Hopkins removed their website warning to the immuno-compromised to avoid those recently vaccinated with live virus vaccines but we have attached screen shots below for your reference.)


We all want to live in as safe a society as possible, but how can anyone argue that any pharmaceutical product is safe for all, or that we know what is best for others? What’s next? Should we ban those who eat sugar and junk food, foods that undermine our immune systems, from public places, or those with a cough from leaving home? Do we really want to cede ownership of our bodies to the state?


We don’t.


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