Ed note:  The information below was sourced from the email newsletter produced by PhD candidate Judy Wilyman who runs the website vaccinationdecisions.net 

NB: If you are interested in the topic of HPV vaccination, please also visit this link: https://naturalmedicine.net.nz/news/nz-current-affairs-programme-3d-reports-on-illness-and-deaths-in-previously-healthy-nz-girls-who-had-received-gardasil/

Global Concerns about HPV Vaccines

Many serious adverse events and deaths have been associated with HPV vaccines globally resulting in many countries taking legal action against the manufacturers of the vaccine. Yet the mainstream Australian media has not reported on these global concerns about the dangers of HPV vaccines and journalists have not reported on my research that has been published in medical journals on this topic and presented at two international conferences. Here is the latest report from Ireland on this topic ‘Court told of ‘horrendous adverse effects of HPV vaccines‘ (Irish Times, 2 November 2015).
For those Australians who do not have children, the HPV vaccine is being given to all Australian adolescents (boys and girls) to prevent a non-communicable disease – cervical cancer – even though the vaccine only prevents infection from 2 of 15 HPV strains that are associated with causing cancer but rarely progress to cancer in Australia. This is because the environmental and lifestyle factors necessary for progression to cancer are not prevalent in Australia. This is why 80-90% of cervical cancer occurs in the developing countries – not Australia, US or European countries.
NB:  If you are interested in the vaccination issue in general, The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine frequently has articles about various aspects of vaccination.

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