There is a new documentary on the autism-MMR cover-up.  Called Vaxxed:  From Cover-up to Catastrophe it has already ignited a firestorm of controversy because it was first accepted for, and then dropped from the prestigious Tribeca Film Festival.  (Please see this link and this link for the background on these events.)

Shortly before the decision was made by the organisers of the Tribeca Film Festival (the organisers include Robert de Niro who has an autistic son) to drop Vaxxed from the festival programme, the producer of the film, Del Bigtree was interviewed for ABC news.

At the youtube link below you can first see a short item that aired on the news relating to Vaxxed that includes a very short segment of the interview with Del Bigtree,.(Please note that the ABC news item includes a number of factual inaccuracies.) Then you can see the full interview with Del Bigtree, which makes compelling viewing.

Vaxxed premiered in New York on April 1 and is running for a limited time at Agelika Film Center and Cafe. Please see this link for more details. (For ongoing screening info, please see )

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