Website editor’s note:  The text below is a special message from women’s health psychiatrist Dr. Kelly Brogan author of the best selling book A Mind of Your Own. (If you would like to read the first chapter for free it is accessible via this link:

Dr. Brogan specialises in identifying and treating the cause of symptoms such as anxiety, depression etc. to help her patients enjoy a new level of  wellness.


Invitation to a Masterclass

Perhaps your days are lived through a mental fog, feeling drained of energy.

Moody and irritable.

Moving through your life with a sense of deep loneliness and disconnection.

Overweight. Maybe even losing hair.

Maybe you’ve been to see a doctor who told you that nothing is wrong with you and that your struggles are all in your head…best suited for an antidepressant, sleep med, or anti-anxiety prescription.

But what makes this even worse, is thinking there’s no way out, that this is simply how it is…how it was for your mom, your aunt, and your grandfather…your destiny of chronic not-ok-ness.

Those are lies.

The truth is:

You can transform your suffering into strength.

You can bring back your more energetic, joyful self — without drugs.

And this is why you’re getting this email, with an invitation to a Masterclass.

Because it’s time for a Reset.

After a decade of patient care, and my own recovery journey, I have identified the Top 5 reversible drivers of psychiatric symptoms, and this is information you need to know how to use.

My goal is to put the power back into your hands, so here are the details:

It’s Not All In Your Head: Meet the Psychiatric Pretenders and Shed Your Diagnosis, Meds, and Symptoms

What you’ll discover:
• The 5 real reversible causes of depression, anxiety, fatigue, and forgetfulness
• Why you may not be mentally ill or have a psychiatric problem
• Simple changes you can make today that are high impact
• Hear from a recovered patient who reclaimed her life through lifestyle medicine and how
• Ask me your questions

Join this LIVE, absolutely free training — there’s a limited capacity, so grab your spot now

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