Growing your own food at home

A combination of factors, including increased fertiliser prices, unfavourable weather and higher fuel prices are among the reasons why production of some staple foods such as wheat and corn is likely to be lower than usual this Northern Hemisphere growing season.  Reduced production is likely to force up prices for staple foods such as wheat and corn – and foods that may be used as substitutes for these... Read More | Share it now!

We have moved!

Just a note that we have moved. Our new PO Box address is PO Box 243 Dargaville 0340. Please do not worry if you have recently posted a subscription renewal to our previous PO Box as a redirection is in place. (If you have a Visa, Mastercard or PayPal account the best way to renew your subscription is via our online shop: ) Special note to our readers: We have a new phone... Read More | Share it now!