Ed note: The Truth About Cancer‘s free online series begins April 12 and will feature an interview recorded in 2015 with the late, great, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD.

Below is the latest update from Mary Beth Gonzalez who now runs the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation, dedicated to keeping Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s work healing work alive.  (You can read more about Dr Gonzalez’s work and the Foundation at this link of our website.)


In December 2015, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award from The Truth About Cancer. Ty and Charlene Bollinger had already decided to give Nick this award before he died, and shortly after Nick’s unexpected death in July, they asked me to accept this award on Nick’s behalf.


Here is a video of The Truth About Cancer award ceremony in December from Nashville that includes a wonderful video tribute to Nick and then my (rather emotional) acceptance speech. The video tribute to Nick starts about 4:30 minutes in if you want to skip to it.


Why am I telling you about this now?


Your tremendous response to my communications here through Nick’s announcement list has helped me to see how much you also cared about and loved my dear husband. Grief can be such an intensely private experience and yet through your support, I’m realizing that we can help each other heal and heal others. I’ve chosen to dedicate my life to honoring Nick by preserving, protecting and propagating The Gonzalez Protocol. I hope you will join me.


At the award ceremony, Ty and Charlene Bollinger surprised me with not just Nick’s 20-pound crystal award, but they also made the first donation to my new non-profit The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. They explained how Nick supported them when they were just beginning and they wanted to support me now. Ty and Charlene haven’t left my side since then.


TOMORROW, The Truth About Cancer will replay their docu-series entitled: A Global Quest. The series includes interviews with Dr. Nick and other healers from around the world who are fighting cancer through alternative methods.


If you missed the initial series last year, I encourage you to sign up now to see the official trailer and watch the series for FREE, starting April 12 and running through April 20.


Thank you for your interest in Nick’s work and your continued support as our non-profit foundation rolls out a training and certification program for practitioners, and as I publish Nick’s 100 Cancer Case Report book. You’ll hear more about both efforts here in the weeks and months to come.


Thank you,

Mary Beth Gonzalez

President, The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation


Editor’s note: Dr Gonzalez’s award-winning book What Went Wrong which describes how a clinical trial of his nutrition, enzyme and detoxification treatment for cancer was sabotaged, was reviewed in issue 11 The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  A free sample of articles from this issue may be downloaded via this link: https://naturalmedicine.net.nz/product/the-new-zealand-journal-of-natural-medicine-issue-11-ebook-free-sample/  while this issue may be purchased in PDF form from this link or as a printed magazine from this link

Dr Gonzalez’s book One Man Alone, which relates how dentist Dr William Kelley cured himself of metastatic pancreatic cancer (which is often fatal within six months) and then went on to help other people  survive very poor prognosis cancers, was reviewed in issue 7 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine. This issue may be purchased as a PDF at this link or as a printed magazine at this link.  A free preview of some of the articles in issue 7 may be accessed through this link.

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine frequently includes articles relating to freedom of choice in healthcare and also frequently features articles on cancer prevention and treatment.  Our online shop, where you can buy printed and PDF copies of our magazine is here