How To Reduce Your Exposure To EMR


The following, mostly simple steps can greatly reduce your exposure to potentially harmful EMR. If you appreciate what you learn through reading this link, please share it with friends and family. Thank you.

1) Use a landline phone – use the type of phone that has a cord, not a cordless phone.

(Cordless phones use radiofrequency radiation and the most models of the new DECT cordless phone bases constantly emit radiofrequency radiation into your home.) Children should not use cordless phones (or cell phones). 

NB: Research has shown that use of a cordless phone (like the use of a cell phone) may increase the risk of brain tumours. (Please see this link for a discussion of some of  the research about cordless and cellular phone use and brain tumours.)

2) Avoid using a cell phone.

If you cannot avoid using a cellphone, minimise its use. The following suggestions will help minimise your exposure to the microwave radiation emitted by your phone:

• Send text messages instead of making calls, when possible.
• When making calls, use the speaker phone function or an air tube spacing device so you are not holding the phone against your head. (Place the phone on the table so it is not in contact with your body.)
• Do not carry a cell phone in your pocket as cell phones send periodic pulses of microwave radiation even when they are not in use. (Carry your phone in a bag so that it is away from your body.)
• Do not use your cell phone when you are driving (even if you have a hands-free kit) or sitting in any moving vehicle as when a phone is moving it has to put out a stronger signal in order to maintain a connection.
• Do not allow children to talk on mobile phones as their skulls are thinner than an adult’s and they absorb at lot more microwave radiation. (Adults who began to use a cell phone in childhood have a higher rate of brain tumours. See: )

3) Don’t get a microwave radiation emitting “smart meter”.

If your electric company writes to you stating that it wants to “upgrade”, “modernise” or “replace” your electricity meter (with a “smart meter”) inform your electric company that you refuse permission for your meter to be replaced. (For more information on this issue see  or  or . International readers can find information smart meter information at or

(Please consider photocopying the poster (download link is below) and putting it up at your local library, community centre, church noticeboard etc and/or distributing it to houses in your neighbourbood. If everyone in your area refuses to have a smart meter installed, this will reduce the level of microwave radiation in your area.)

4) If you have internet at home, avoid using wireless routers or WiFi devices. Use traditional cable based internet instead.

(NB: You read about an inexpensive way to have a safe wired internet connection at this link, while if you are considering ultra fast broadband, please read about how do this safely at this link.)

If you think that a wired connection is not an option for you because you have only an iPad, you may be pleasantly surprised to,learn that at least one model of iPad can be connected to the internet with a wired connection.  Please go to this link to learn more:

5) Avoid wireless baby monitors as these expose you and your baby to unnecessary and potentially harmful EMR.

6) Do not buy a waterbed: the heating elements in the bottom produce electromagnetic fields.

NB: Electric blankets also produce EMR. If you have an electric blanket, use it only to warm your bed prior to your going to bed. Switch the electric blanket off and unplug it from the wall before getting into bed.

7) Avoid low energy fluorescent light bulbs as these may be a source of “dirty electricity” and contribute to electrosmog in your home.

(Use old fashioned incandescent bulbs instead.)  Ed note:  An article about “dirty electricity” features in issue 7 of The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine.)  This may be purchased from our online shop at this link (printed copy) or this link (PDF version).

8) If moving house, consider factors such as proximity to cell phone towers, high voltage power lines and transformers when selecting a new home.

Try to minimise exposure to such facilties and/or have your home inspected prior to purchasing to make sure that the EMR levels are safe (or can be remediated at a reasonable cost).

9) If building a new home, consider getting professional advice about minimising potential exposure to EMR from household wiring etc.

A useful introduction to this topic may be found at this link:  Ensure that you specify that the electricity meter at your new home is NOT a smart or “advanced” meter.

10)  Do not use a microwave oven.

These can leak considerable amounts of microwave radiation while in use and they also can create high electromagnetic fields while in operation.

11)  If you need a new stove, it is prudent to test the EMF of the stove before purchasing it.

An induction cook top can create a large amount of EMF.

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Public Exposure: DNA, Democracy and the Wireless Revolution
(Awarded First Place at the Santa Cruz Earth Vision Film Festival 2001)

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Public Health SOS: The Shadow Side of the Wireless Revolution by Camilla Rees and Magda Havas, available as print or e-book versions from this link:

Information about Electro-Hypersensitvity

Website of Electro Sensitivity UK: Information and Support for people who are electro- hypersensitive:

Website of the Swedish Association for the Electro HyperSensitive:

This link on our website include useful information about how developing electrosensitivity can affect people’s lives.

NB:  Electrosensitivity may also be termed ES or electrohypersensitivity (EHS) or electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EMS).



Ed note: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine frequently features articles about various aspects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and health.  Previous issues have included articles about smart meters, “dirty electricity” and issue (19) features an interview with Professor Olle Johansson on electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

Issue 20 includes a review of Diana Crumpler’s excellent book Prostituting Science as well as an article on electrohypersensitivity.

If you would like to download a free sample of issue 20, you can find one at this link, while copies of issue 20 in print format may be purchased here or as a PDF here.

To purchase a copy or to download a free sample of any other issue, please visit our online shop at this link: