Dr. Sin Hang Lee is one of the scientists who have been investigating the safety of HPV vaccination.  You can access his letter to the government of China which is planning to introduce an HPV vaccine for Chinese girls and women aged 9 – 25 by downloading the PDF at the link below.

Dr Lee recommends China postpone HPV vax 08.2016


Website editor’s note:  HPV vaccines have become controversial all around the world (including NZ – please see below) because of the significant numbers of previously healthy girls and young women (who have been the major targets of the vaccination programme to date) who have become seriously ill after being injected with the vaccine. There have also been deaths reported following HPV vaccination in both female and male recipients.  Families of sick or deceased HPV vaccine recipients have often felt that their concerns about the vaccine have not been taken seriously by many doctors or medical authorities.

As you can read here, a letter has been sent to the European Medicine Agency asking for answers to concerns about the vaccine.

The experiences of some of NZ girls who have become ill after HPV vaccination are detailed in an article in Issue 19 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine and there is more information about this issue HERE as well as a link to a 3D Investigates TV programme on illness and deaths in NZ girls following HPV vaccinations. Issue 19 may be purchased from our online shop at this link: https://naturalmedicine.net.nz/product/the-new-zealand-journal-of-natural-medicine-issue-19-2/

More information about the potential adverse effects of HPV vaccination in NZ may be found at a website set up by parents of girls who have become ill after HPV vaccination which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Our Facebook page provides another way to find out more information about HPV vaccination (and other vaccines):  https://www.facebook.com/The-NZ-Journal-of-Natural-Medicine-1556883684629639/