There has naturally been a lot of media attention world wide about the documentary about MMR vaccine whistle blower Vaxxed:  For Cover-up to Catastrophe following its selection and then de-selection to screen at the prestigious Tribecca Filrm Festival.  (Read HERE and HERE on our website for more about this or go HERE to see an interview with the producer of Vaxxed.)

Vaxxed is not yet available in NZ and there are no legal streaming sites at this point, either. (This website and our Facebook page will be updated when Vaxxed is available to New Zealanders.)

However, for those readers who would like to know more about the story of Dr William Thompson, there is a short documentary that gives some of the details about how Dr Thompson and his colleagues discovered a link between the MMR vaccine and increased risk of autism in some children and this may be viewed at its producer’s website.

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MMR vaccine whistleblower documentary launched

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