Using a wired internet connection (and turning off any wireless modems in your computer) means that you avoid exposing yourself to potentially carcinogenic microwave radiation while you are online.

Wired internet connections are generally faster than wireless, too, although there are exceptions.

This website has a couple of links to help you enjoy safer net-surfing.

They are below for your convenience.

The link below is the easy-on-your-budget option:

The link below is what you should read to ensure that any ultrafast broadband system you install is one that does not expose you to potentially damaging wireless radiation:

Considering ultrafast broadband?


NB: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine regularly features articles on electromagnetic radiation and health has recently featured an interview with international expert on EHS, Professor Olle Johansson in issue 19.  Our online shop, where you can buy printed and PDF copies of our magazine is here.

You may also wish to read some of the articles in the Environmental Health section of the website at the link below. (These are not exclusively about electromagnetic radiation; other topics such as pesticides also feature in this section.)