Website editor’s note: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is proud that Dr. Kelly Brogan is one of our regular contributors.

Dr. Brogan has chosen to specialise in holistic psychiatry to improve women’s health. In addition to running a successful medical practice, her best-selling book A Mind of Your Own and her online programme Vital Mind Reset offer women who have been suffering from common “mental health” problems such as depression or anxiety the chance to regain their health and reclaim their lives.

Dr. Brogan recently launched her Calm Body Clear Mind online video initiative. (NB:  Free access to this programme recently ended but you can sign up her email list by clicking HERE).

She is currently offering a discount on her “Quick Start” programme which provides vital information about a nutritional plan designed to optimise physical and mental health.

To learn more about this programme, please click HERE to be directed to the relevant page of Dr. Brogan’s website.




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Disclosure: The company that publishes The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine has an affiliate relationship with Dr. Kelly Brogan’s online programmes and may receive some remuneration if our readers choose to make a purchase of resources produced by Dr. Kelly Brogan