Dr. Guy Hatchard has been at the forefront of educating the NZ public and MPs about the Natural Health Products bill. There are many reasons that Dr. Harchard (and many other supporters of health freedom such as the NZ Health Trust, Health Freedom NZ and the NZ Wellness Association Fincluding the fact that as the bill has developed it will reduce choice of natural health products available to NZers, lush up prices and threaten the viability of small businesses. (For background reading on these aspects of the bill please go to this link.)

Another strong reason to oppose the bill is the fact that it allows the inclusion of potentially harmful additives to be included in “natural” health products.

There is information about this at the PDF that you can download by clicking below.

NHP permitted suspected toxicants August 26 2016

Thank you to everyone who has been helping with the campaign against this bill. 

If you have time to sign the petition at this link and/or email MPs, it would be most appreciated. (There is information to help you email MPs including email addresses, at this link.)



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