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The website has reported that smart meter roll outs are planned for more states in Australia.

The smart meter roll out is being camouflaged using the term “digital” meters because smart meters have earned themselves a bad reputation around the world due to many people reporting new health problems after smart meter installations. There have also been reports of smart meter related fires and explosions.

(The reported problems with smart meters have led many people to refuse to have a smart meter installed; for information about how people are refusing smart meters in NZ, please see this link.)

It appears from photo and an article in the Sydney Morning Herald that the type of meter that will be used in the roll out is a Landis+Gyr E350 smart meter.

This type of smart meter has been installed in parts of NZ with a Silver Spring modem and ZigBee package, and has received reports of health effects, such as the one at this link.

Please let friends and family in NSW, QLD and SA know about the fact that the “digital” meter that their electricity company may offer them is actually a smart meter.

If you live in one of the targeted states and want to help educate yourself and others about the smart meter issue, one way to do this is to purchase or stream the award winning smart meter documentary Take Back Your Power and invite friends and family to view it or organise a public screening at your local community hall, church or other venue.

Australian readers can find information about smart meters at and

To read the complete article on the Geovital website, please go to the  link below:

AU News: AGL released plans for smart meter installation in South Australia and NSW homes

Ed note: The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine (which is also available in Australia) frequently features articles about various aspects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and health.  Previous issues have included articles about smart meters, “dirty electricity” and issue (19) features an interview with Professor Olle Johansson on electrohypersensitivity (EHS).

Issue 20 includes a review of Diana Crumpler’s excellent book Prostituting Science as well as an article on electrohypersensitivity.

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