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One woman questions the Cancer Association of South Africa about HPV vaccine safety…and ignites HPV vaccine debate

A citizen of South Africa (we’ll call her Sarah) sent a few questions about HPV vaccines to CANSA, the Cancer Association of South Africa. Sarah had no idea her questions would lead to a full-blown scientific debate. She was not satisfied with the regurgitation of public relations material and insisted on answers to the questions she put forth.

This article provides positive proof that one single individual putting forth honest questions and demanding honest, documented answers can make a difference!

If Professor Michael Herbst lives up to his word and alters the CANSA fact sheet on HPV infection and cancer to reflect Dr. Lee’s concerns, the women of South Africa will be able to understand the potential risks of HPV vaccines as well as the potential benefits prior to making a decision as to whether or not HPV vaccines are a good addition to their cervical cancer prevention program.

The women of South Africa will be able to exercise their right to informed consent, thanks to Sarah.

Please circulate widely – this will perhaps encourage others to follow in Sarah’s footsteps.

Hopefully people in other countries will take Sarah’s example and lobby their own national cancer associations for informed consent.

HPV Vaccine Debate in South Africa – SaneVax, Inc. – please share this link – pdf attached.


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Ill Health After HPV vaccination: NZ Mothers and Daughters Share Their Experiences

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