The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue #13


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Issue 13 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine is now on the shelves in New Zealand and copies were posted out to NZ subscribers on April 29, so these should arrive soon.  (Australian subscribers should receive their copies by June 1.)

The cover story for this issue looks at the mechanisms through which constituents of Cannabis indica and Cannabis sativa exert anti-cancer activity.  Cannabis is still illegal in New Zealand, but in countries where the plant is legal, such as Israel, research has confirmed many medicinal uses for this persecuted plant.  World-wide interest in the use of Cannabis extracts since several US states and the country of Bolivia  legalised the use of this herb.

  • Also in this issue, we publish a report by breast surgeon Dr John West, MD, on a link between carrying a mobile phone in a bra and the development of breast cancer – in some cases in women as young as their early 20s.  Also relevant to breast cancer prevention is a growing body of research showing aluminium accumulation in breast tissue, raising the possibility that aluminium-containing anti-perspirants may contribute to the development of this disease in some women.
  • Chronic pain can be a terrible burden for people who have degenerative diseases or other long-term conditions in which pain is a significant symptom.  In this issue we feature an article on a non-drug method of pain relief – SCENAR – therapy by Dr Jorg Prinz as well as an introduction to prolotherapy which can assist in cartilage regeneration.
  • This issue also explores how the US Centers for Disease Control covered up the connection between the mercury-based vaccine preservative thimerosal and autism in children.  Most vaccines intended for children in the developed world no longer contain added thimerosal;  however, the article offers an important insight into how government agencies may put the agenda of national vaccination programme above children’s health.
  • Psychologist Philip Hickey PhD, discusses how neuroleptic drugs now frequently used to treat children with autism can cause brain damage.  We also welcome Dr Kelly Brogan, MD, who has contributed an article on how common foods such as gluten-containing grains and dairy products may adversely affect some people and cause symptoms of “mental health” problems – and how such issues may be treated.  Also in mental health, journalist Jon Rappoport explodes the myth promulgated by the psychiatric profession – that mental illness is caused by a “chemical imbalance” in the brain – and what this means for the future of psychiatry.
  • In other articles, Malcolm Harker, MHD, one of New Zealand’s best-known herbalists, shares some of his secrets in an article on how to make your own home remedies, and Dr Ben Kim tells you what most doctors won’t tell you about cholesterol and your health.
  • In healing with food, Sayer Ji, PhD, explains how garlic could save your life, and expounds on the health-promoting properties of coconut oil.
  • How homoeopathy helped a woman with pneumonia recover so that she no longer required a ventilator, how reflexology can promote a relaxation response and enhance healing and how a pine-bark extract developed in NZ offers hope to people with drug-resistant migraines.


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