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The print version of Issue 39 went on sale in NZ and Australia in November 2020 but it is still available from our online shop in print as well as a PDF.

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Introducing Issue 39 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

High blood pressure (“hypertension”) is a huge and growing problem in our society, and its associated problems like stroke and heart attacks make this a highest priority topic.

Natural medicine has lots of ways of successfully treating high blood pressure and this issue of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine discusses some of them that are easy to use – and really work.

The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine brings you accessible information that you can use straight away as you start taking responsibility for your own health, and the health of your family.

In this issue we run articles such as herbs for heart palpitations, an article on the real causes of heart disease and a little known nutritional treatment approach for this all-too-common condition.

We also bring you cutting edge information about what is arguably the world’s best antioxidant, molecular hydrogen, and how a herb traditionally used to treat liver problems (milk thistle) is being investigated as a potential treatment for skin cancer.

Each issue contains articles on medicinal cannabis, nature’s miracle plant. This issues features a comprehensive article on non-psychoactive CBD for arthritis.

This issue also has an article on Carbon-60, one of the most remarkable health discoveries in longevity in more than a century.

We also feature writers like Dr. Kelly Brogan – who is famous for her work on women’s health issues.  This issue includes an article about one of her patients who was able to successfully discontinue taking prescription psychotropic drugs.

One of the most successful treatments of all time for schizophrenia was niacin (Vitamin B3), now mostly sadly forgotten in our drug oriented medical system. We review the book Niacin: The Real Story which tells the story of how this vitamin was discovered to be a successful treatment for many cases of schizophrenia and The Vitamin Cure for Alcoholism discusses how orthomolecular medicine (also known as nutritional medicine or megavitamin therapy) can help relieve cravings for alcohol.

All in all, an issue not to be missed.

Wishing you the best of health,

Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen, Editors







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