The New Zealand Journal of Natural Medicine: Issue #41


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SPECIAL NOTE FOR NZ READERS:  Sorry, we do not now have copies of issue 41 available for purchase in NZ but we do have the PDF available at the following link:

Introducing Issue 41 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

One of the most ignored aspects of the ability of the human immune system to fight off flu, colds and other maladies is the need for Vitamin D. Made by the body from sunlight or supplemented in the winter months, Vitamin D is absolutely essential to maintain or regain good health.

Issue 41 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine features excellent articles on Vitamin D plus many others on different ways of boosting your immune system to deal with a wide variety of challenges which seem to be coming at us in a variety of forms these days.

This issue also features articles on Carbon 60 (much, much more powerful than Vitamin C), medicinal mushrooms and even medicinal cannabis and the many ways these and other natural substances help you maintain health and may even drastically extend one’s longevity.

In the new issue you will also find information on different kinds of seaweed – nature’s super vegetable, sadly largely ignored in NZ and Australia for generations – and the numerous ways the body can use the many important nutrients found therein.

Each issue of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine features articles describing medical and scientific breakthroughs that have sadly been ignored or suppressed by mainstream medicine. One of these is medical ozone (O3) and the many ways it’s now being used to fight not only cancer but as a prevention!

A feature article on – Rupert Sheldrake – one of if not the most influential scientists in the world rounds out what is certainly a “must read” issue.

– Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen, Editors



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