WHO is failing to protect people from wireless RF radiation

Website editor’s note: Please find below an open letter to the World Health Organization from Olga Sheean on how wireless RF (radiofrequency) radiation (such as is produced by cell phones, cell phone towers, cordless phones, wifi routers, smart meters etc.) is harming human health. . For further information please download the PDF by clicking the coloured text below:  WHO setting the standard for a wireless... Read More | Share it now!

Is your workplace EMR safe?

Most people spend a large amount of their waking hours at work so it is important that workplaces are as safe as possible, in terms of the exposures to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) for both staff (and any customers who may come onto the premises.) The article at the link below discusses different sources of EMR in the workplace: Forced exposure to EMF radiation at work if you are an employer, please think... Read More | Share it now!

Catalyst Wi-Fried wi-fi documentary

This documentary which screened on TV in Australia a few days ago comes very highly recommended by friends who are well educated in the field of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and health. You should be able to access the Catalyst Wi-Fried wi-fi documentary through the link below: http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/vodcast/ (Look at the top of the list for Episode 3 16/02/2016) Please note that if you are looking for... Read More | Share it now!

EMR and Health: December newsletter now FREE to read online

Below are the topics which feature in the December issue of EMR and Health, which is well worth reading. The newsletter may be read at this link: http://emraustralia.com.au/EMR_and_health.html   a legal seminar run by the Law Faculty of NSW University about wireless radiation, risk and liability; the establishment of a new Australian Association for wireless safety; WiFi precautions being introduced in US... Read More | Share it now!

Index of topics in issue 1-13

If you have read an article in a previous issue of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine and want to re-read it but don’t remember which issue it was in, help is now at hand.  Please download the Word document at the link below and you will find a index of topics in issues 1 – 13. The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine index issue 1 – 13 inclusive NB:  If  the topic that interests you is not listed... Read More | Share it now!

How To Reduce Your Exposure To EMR

How To Reduce Your Exposure To EMR   The following, mostly simple steps can greatly reduce your exposure to potentially harmful EMR. If you appreciate what you learn through reading this link, please share it with friends and family. Thank you. 1) Use a landline phone – use the type of phone that has a cord, not a cordless phone. (Cordless phones use radiofrequency radiation and the most models of the new... Read More | Share it now!