Most people spend a large amount of their waking hours at work so it is important that workplaces are as safe as possible, in terms of the exposures to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) for both staff (and any customers who may come onto the premises.)

The article at the link below discusses different sources of EMR in the workplace:

if you are an employer, please think about what you can do to create as safe as possible a working environment for your employees, including providing safe, corded phones and safe, hardwired internet.  (Some useful information on low cost hardwired internet may be found HERE while if you want to invest in fibre optics there is information about this HERE.)

If you are an employee, please think about your workplace exposures and whether there are unnecessary exposures that could be easily remedied.  (For example, if there are cordless phones used in your workplace, it costs very little to substitute safe corded phones.)

If you need to use a cell phone for making work related calls (when there is no corded phone available),  an air tube headset reduces microwave exposure to the brain that has been linked to increased risk of brain tumours.

More information about cell phones and brain tumours and a link to a very good documentary may be found at the link below:

See the cell phone documentary Mobilize for FREE

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