Holly Oakley was an energetic, talented young athlete prior to her series of HPV vaccinations.  Now she struggles even to find the energy to talk with her friends.

Holly’s mother tells her daughter’s story at this link of the website www.sanevax.org.

Please note that while Holly is not a New Zealander, girls her age who have received HPV vaccinations in NZ have developed similar illnesses. (The HPV vaccine usually used in NZ is Gardasil.)

The experiences of some of these girls are included in Issue 19 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine and there is more information about this issue HERE as well as a link to a 3D Investigate TV programme on illness and deaths in NZ girls following HPV vaccinations.

More information about the potential adverse effects of HPV vaccination in NZ may be found at a website set up by parents of girls who have become ill after HPV vaccination which can be accessed by clicking HERE.

Issue 19 may be purchased from our online shop at this link: https://naturalmedicine.net.nz/product/the-new-zealand-journal-of-natural-medicine-issue-19-2/

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