If you listen to Radio New Zealand’s popular “Morning Report” programme early yesterday morning you may have heard news regarding measles cases in the Waikato region of  NZ.

As part of the coverage of this issue, No Forced Vaccines spokeswoman Katherine Smith was interviewed by Susie Fergusson.

You can find links to the interview, and related information, at the No Forced Vaccines website at the link below.

Please note that if you are interested in  any of the topics discussed in the interview you can read on the No Forced Vaccines website including treatments for measles,  the new documentary on the MMR-autism whistle-blower scientist Dr. William Thompson you may find the articles HERE (discusses measles treatments and MMR vaccination) and HERE  (an interview with the producer of the new documentary) and HERE (a shorter documentary on Dr. William Thompson that is FREE to watch now) to be of interest.

No Forced Vaccines spokeswoman on Morning Report May 17 2016

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