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We are very pleased to announce that issue 33 is due to go on sale in NZ in May 2019. (This website and our Facebook page will be updated when this issue goes on sale in Australia.)

Introducing Issue 33 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine

Who doesn’t want to live longer – and in good health?

For issue 33, our cover headline is “Forever Young”. We feature research featuring little known longevity aids, including molecular hydrogen, nicotinamide riboside, C60, supplements to help mobilise stem cells from the bone marrow and simple lifestyle strategies that can reduce premature shrinkage of the telomeres and thereby promote a long and healthy lifespan.

In this issue we also look at one of the often-overlooked contributors to New Zealand’s high rate of bowel cancer – chlorinated water.  (Fortunately, this is one potential cause of cancer that is easy to avoid – and we tell you how.)

With measles in the news recently, Catherine Frompovich provides an historical perspective on this viral infection – which as regarded as a normal childhood rite of passage for children growing up in the 1950s and 60s.

This issue also features an article about a new study that supports a link between MMR vaccination and autism in some children as well as an important article that examines how the concept of “herd immunity” has been mis-used to provide a false justification for vaccine mandates.

With the seasons turning and infectious illness becoming more likely due to chills from changeable weather, we feature an article for parents about the function of a fever and non-toxic options for managing feverish illnesses.

Also relating to children’s health we cover new research about how vitamin D deficiency – unfortunately an all too common condition in our sun-phobic times – may be a risk factor for autism.

We are also very proud to feature an article by Diana Crumpler on multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) that discusses the factors that may put people at higher risk of developing one or both of these debilitating environmental illnesses – as well as research that can be used as the basis for developing personalised treatment programmes.

Turning to nutrition, we look at the benefits of including coconut oil in the diet, as well as a super food from South America (maca) and one from South East Asia (moringa), which have been traditionally used as a nourishing food as well as a herbal medicine.

This issue’s article by contributing editor Amy McComb discusses the many nutritional benefits of including seaweeds in your diet, including New Zealand seaweeds.

Also in this issue is an article about how to use pine essential oil to soothe cold and flu symptoms, how some antidepressants may be one of the culprits in unwanted weight gain, how horsetail tea can be used to strengthen hair, nail and improve gum health and


Issue 33 is due to go on sale in NZ in May 2019 and this website and our Facebook page will be updated when this issue goes on sale in Australia.)

Wishing you the best of health,

Katherine Smith and Jonathan Eisen, Editors

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