FREE Interpreting Your Genetics Summit

Website editor’s note: If you are interested in science, genetics in particular or are simply interested in personalised medicine or strategies to improve your health, the Interpreting Your Genetics Summit offers you the opportunity  many great international speakers for FREE   The message below comes from Mary Beth Gonzalez who has established the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation to continue the work of her... Read More | Share it now!

A tribute to Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez by Dr. Linda Isaacs

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez practised nutritional medicine in New York with his colleague Dr. Linda Isaacs from 1987 until 2015, when Dr. Gonzalez passed away unexpectedly on July 21. Their practice became well known for their success in treating people with advanced cancer using a protocol based upon personalised diet, nutritional supplements, pancreatic glandular products that supply pancreatic enzymes and... Read More | Share it now!

Special 2-DVD tribute to Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Website editor’s note:  The text below comes from a recent newsletter from the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation. You can learn more about the work of Dr. Gonzalez at the Foundation website at this link: The books and DVDs that Dr. Gonzalez wrote (or co-authored) were reviewed in early editions of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine.  If you type “Gonzalez” (without the... Read More | Share it now!

An interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

Ed note: The Truth About Cancer’s free online series begins April 12 and will feature an interview recorded in 2015 with the late, great, Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, MD. Below is the latest update from Mary Beth Gonzalez who now runs the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation, dedicated to keeping Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez’s work healing work alive.  (You can read more about Dr Gonzalez’s work and the Foundation... Read More | Share it now!

Suzanne Somers warns about smart meters

The excellent website has just reported that actress, cancer survivor, health advocate and businesswoman Suzanne Somers has tackled the topic of the new so called “smart” electricity meters that produce pulses of microwave radiation in her new book TOX-SICK. You can read what Suzanne Somers has to say about smart meters at this link: Suzanne Somers Warns about... Read More | Share it now!