Documentary Sacrificial Virgins Wins Australian “Best of Festival” Award

Website editor’s note: The following text is a press release from SaneVax an organisation that provides information about HPV vaccines and support for families where there are sons or daughters who have been injured by HPV vaccines. Sacrificial Virgins is on YouTube as a trilogy at .   March 4, 2018 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE     VACCINE DOCUMENTARY SERIES SACRIFICIAL... Read More | Share it now!

Please help save Waiheke Island’s little blue penguins

Please help save Waiheke Island’s little blue penguins Website Editor’s Note:  The article below is a bit of a departure from the usual human health related articles on this website  but friends on Waiheke Island who have been working very hard on behalf of their community and Waiheke’s precious blue penguins have alerted me to this issue. Also, as you can read below, what happens on Waiheke Island will... Read More | Share it now!

Deadline for submissions on assisted suicide bill extended

Just a note that if you were planning to write a submission on the assisted suicide bill but have not yet had time, you now have a a bit more time as the closing date for submissions has been extended until Tuesday 6 March 2018. To read all about the assisted suicide bill and find out why it is important that YOU (and as many other people as possible) take a few minutes to write a submission on this bi8ll, please... Read More | Share it now!

Singer Song-writer releases anti-1080 song “Poison Rain”

Singer-Songwriter Aly Cook as she releases a newly commissioned song ‘Poison Rain’. (Electronic Acoustic Adult Contemporary) The song has been “self penned” and co produced with Jay Pheye in his little Golden Bay Studio and mastered by Benny Tones. ‘Poison Rain’ is now available for pre-sale on Itunes with the official release being on Friday 9th of Feb. The song may be purchased from the links... Read More | Share it now!

Editors to speak at Holistic Cancer Symposium

The editors of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine, Jonathan Eisen and Katherine Smith are among the speakers at the International Holistic Cancer Symposium which is coming up in Auckland on March 24-25 at the Quality Hotel, 20 Gladstone Rd, Parnell, Auckland.  (Please note that this is a different location from the one initially advised on this website and on posters and the advertisement in issue 29.) The... Read More | Share it now!

Call for submissions on assisted suicide bill

A bill which would make assisted suicide legal (David Seymour’s “The End of Life Choice Bill”) has passed its first reading and it is now being considered by the Justice Select Committee. Submissions are now being accepted on this bill with the closing date javing been extended from its... Read More | Share it now!

Dr. Gonzalez video library now available

Website editor’s note:  Below is a newsletter from the Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation.: Today The Nicholas Gonzalez Foundation is pleased to announce the new Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez Video Library. After researching Dr. Gonzalez’s past lectures, interviews and tributes to him, we gathered the best of them here, all in one place, to make it easier for you to learn about his work and The Gonzalez... Read More | Share it now!

Watch “Injecting Aluminum” for FREE

Website editor’s note:  The text below comes from a recent newsletter from Cinema Libre and offers FREE viewing of the excellent documentary “Injecting Aluminum” which examines the health impacts of vaccines that contain aluminium salts as “adjuvants”. Aluminium salt adjuvants (such as aluminium hydroxide or aluminium phosphate) are used in many vaccines, including some recommended... Read More | Share it now!

Our phone service is temporarily unavailable

Just an apology to customers who tired to call us in early December. Our phone line was down, apparently due to an infrastructure problem that affected hundreds of people in our area. Fortunately the fault lasted only a week. If you left a message on our answerphone we should now have returned your call. If you have left a message but not had a phone call from us, please call again.. Your other option is to please... Read More | Share it now!

Vaxxed to Screen in Far North Queensland on December 7

Website editor’s note: The information below is excerpted from a press release from the Australian Vaccine-skeptics Network (AVN), an organisation that supports personal and parental choice regarding vaccination.  Vaxxed to Screen in Far North Queensland on December 7 We are pleased to announce another local screening of the documentary VaxXed in the Far North Queensland (FNQ) region on the 7th of December.... Read More | Share it now!

Mental Health Crisis Tour Australia-NZ February 2018

Website editor’s note: Both Australia and NZ have a “mental health” system which uses a variety of prescription drugs to treat symptoms such as mild-moderate depression or anxiety or serious problems such as psychosis – often without investigating or treating the cause(s) of these conditions. Many of these medications have serious side effects.  Withdrawal from many of these medications... Read More | Share it now!

Professor Olle Johansson needs OUR help

Website editor’s note:  Neuroscientist Olle Johansson who became famous for his work on electrohypersensitivity (EHS) while working at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute has put out an appeal to his email list requesting financial support to help him continue with his scientific work. Professor Johansson was interviewed for issue 19 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine. The text of his appeal is below.... Read More | Share it now!

Vaccines Revealed exposes the shocking truth about the vaccine industry

Website editor’s note:  This is a not-to-be-missed online event that is coming up so please register now to watch it! Please also share this link with friends or family who may have no idea about the unethical behaviour by some people in the vaccine industry and need to know this information to protect their health (or that of their children.) A great interview with Robert Kennedy Junior features as part of... Read More | Share it now!

Expert on screen addiction to tour NZ

Love your kids?  Don’t want them to become “tech junkies”? Learn why digital devices are the new heroin and how to stop your children from becoming addicted in presentations by addiction specialist and author of Glow Kids, Dr. Nicholas Kardaras. Dr. Kardaras will be giving public presentations on technology and health in New Zealand in November. Please share this post with parents, prospective... Read More | Share it now!

Copies of issue 27 have been posted to NZ subscribers

Copies of issue 27 were posted to NZ suibscribers on 30 October so if your copy has not yet arrived, it will not be far away. The same issue is in most NZ shops and will arrive in the remainder within the next few days. Copies of this issue are due to arrive in Australia towards the end of November. Copies may also be purchased from our online shop which you may reach by clicking HERE. , ... Read More | Share it now!

Urea and creatine for liver cancer and liver metastases

Website editor’s note:  Issue 7 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine featured an article on the use of urea and creatine for liver cancer or cancer that has metastasised into the liver. The use of urea and creatine (discovered by Greek physician Evangelos Danopolous) provides a simple and non toxic treatment for cancer in the liver that is not routinely discussed with cancer patients in NZ. Taking urea and... Read More | Share it now!

Hear an interview with neuroscientist Olle Johansson on electromagnetic radiation and health

Neuroscientist Olle Johansson (who was interviewed in issue 19 of The NZ Journal of Natural Medicine) is being intreview on NaturalHealth365 on Sunday 22 October. Among the topics he will be discussing are the following:   Electrohypersensitivity (he is a world expert in this condition) How bacteria exposed to wi-fi and cellular phone radiation have developed antibiotic resistance and How microwave... Read More | Share it now!